Takashi Nakashima


Born in the city of Hyogo, located in western Japan, Takashi is a wildlife and nature photographer based in Anchorage, Alaska. After he earned a degree in animal resource science from Nihon University, Japan in 2005, he worked for an advertising company, learning the process of photography usage and development for two years. Takashi then studied abroad at the University of Alaska, Anchorage and started taking pictures. His main subjects are now landscapes and animals, and he seeks to express an interconnection between the two. Takashi has also been researching environmental issues since 2012.



Especially in Alaska, wild animals are struggling to keep their life being comparing to the others. In other word, I can say that “struggling to make a new stronger life. ” You may construe this abstract meaning by concrete example here. The most famous animal in Alaska for instance, Moose get together with a group of them in an area only during mating season then bulls fight each other. One dominant bull will have an entitlement that only the one is allowed to mate for procreation with every female in the group. This is the dynamism of life that every calf is the son of the strongest father, physically strong, genetically strong, and probably mentally strong. Nobody made this rule. No worry for relative mating, cause of different mothers. Moose spend their life for this mating system, called harem. Harem is one of the features of far north mammals. This reasonable structure of ecosystem keeps attracting me, not just for the example above. I have a passion for discovering how animals keep their life being. I call this finding beauty of nature.

I keep taking nature photography, devoting my life. My goal is to express my discoveries how animal struggle to survive. In nature, these are beautiful. Therefore, my photography has to represent beauty of nature. Nevertheless, expressing a scene beautifully as possible as I can, continuing to develop my photography skill, and finishing many varieties of colors of lighting as beauty of nature on a print, I aim to capture the nature itself. It should be recorded through my filter, not be made through my hand. I hope my nature photography evoke the direct interest for beauty of nature to the viewer.